Gili Meno Indonesia Dive Sites

Meno Wall

This is basically our housereef. Other diveschools have to drive 15 minutes to get here but for us it’s just in front of our door!

There are two walls close together, ranging in depth from 5m to 20m. There’s a huge variety of creatures on the walls, lobsters, sweetlips, pygmee seahorses etc.. It’s a amazing macro dive and excellent for underwater photography. At the end of the wall you’ll often find some huge turtles.

It’s also our spot for Nightdives. Spanish dancers, lobsters, crabs ranging from small coral crabs up to the huge sponge crabs, shrimps, cuttlefish and scorpion fish are often encountered on our nightdives.

Level: Suited for all levels


In 2005 a big storm sunk the Bounty Jetty. Nowadays it is one of the most popular divesites around the Gili’s. The wreck is covered with different hard & soft corals and surrounded by groups of different fish like Oriental & Harlequin Sweetlips, Black Snappers & Batfish.

On the plateau you can find Prickly Leatherjackets, sea moths, pipefishes, trumpet fishes & scorpionfishes. Close to the Jetty there’s a pinnacle full of Glass fish where you can also find octopuses, cleaner shrimps and different Angelfishes.


The favourite divesite of many divers visiting the gili’s due to the many creatures to be found. The sandy white bottom in combination with small and big coral bommie’s gives a striking scenery, which is great for photographers.

But even without a camera you won’t get bored on this divesite, finding Blue-spotted Stingray’s, Ribbon eels,  Frogfishes,  Anemone shrimps, Ornate ghostpipefish,  Mackerels and much more.  If lucky you find the resident turtles sleeping in one of the big barrel sponges, which is hilarious to see.


One of the biggest divesites located on the north side of Gili Trawangan. The shallow pane of Halik is considered to have the best corals of the Gili’s. Most days a slow current guides you along the reef on which you can see the colourful corals and different species like  lobsters, morays and lionfish. Don’t forget to look in the blue as well , you might see Sharks, Eagle rays or Bumphead parrotfish passing by.

Shark Point

Sharkpoint is one of the best places around the Gili’s for finding sharks or to get a surprise visit from Eagle or Devil rays. The divesite consists of a sandy bottom with a series of slopes that run parallel to the shore. Above the reef we often find big groups of Snappers & Jacks. On the reef itself you’ll find Octopuses, Clown Triggerfishes, Moray eels, Leaf Scorpionfishes and more. In the shallows you can find the biggest Green & Hawksbill turtles.

Soraya Reef

Situated halfway between Gili Air & Gili Meno you’ll find Soraya reef, which is famous for its enormous Table Corals, Blue soft sponges and other practically undamaged corals. A  series of slopes ranging in depth from 12 to 30 meters forms the reef. When the current picks up this will be a superb drift dive.

Shallow Turbo

Shallow Turbo is the place to find turtles, when diving deeper there are plenty of boulders where different creatures are hiding. Try to find  frogfishes,  octopusses and scorpionfishes here. Batfish, trumpetfish and angelfish will keep you company on your search. Occasional white tip reefsharks cruise by as well. Another possibility for a driftdive when the currents are present.

Deep Halik

A divesite for the advanced diver who likes to discover the deeper parts of Halik. On this dive you never know what to expect when descending. On 30 m you will find a sandy bottom with flat canyons full of different corals and marine species. During the safety stop in the shallows you might bump into some turtles.

Deep turbo

With a sandy bottom around 30 mtrs filled with huge boulders covered with healthy corals this is a divesite you’ll love. Pygmee seahorses are to be found in the many Gorgonians. Don’t forget to look in the blue as well as sharks often pass by.

Meno Slope

Situated on the East side of Gili Meno this divesite offers something for everybody, cruising through the big boulders you can find many turtles, moray eels and clown anemonefish hiding in their anemones. Take a look at the many garden eels in the sand, but don’t get to close or yhey will disappear.

Bio Rock

Check out the Gili’s first artificial reef! The biodiversity of fish and creatures on the structures and the surrounding area are well worth visiting. The Biorock reef restoration project on the Gili Islands has been regenerating coral reefs for 6 years. Already measurable success can be seen with regard to fish populations, coral growth and survival rates. For more information on the Biorock project visit the Biorock website.

Maya Slope

White sandy bottom with abundant coral bommies all over the place. Another excellent spot for finding little creatures such as leaf-scorpion fish, cuttle fish, squid etc. Often Eagle rays are passing by here as well. On the deeper part we can see pygmee seahorses, unicorn fish and bumphead parrot fishes.

Turtle City

A lovely underwater pinnacle where it is almost certain to run in to some of the biggest turtles around the Gili’s. Both the Green as the Hawksbill turtles are to be found here. Unicornfish, batfishes and nudibrnachs are to be found on the slope. A huge diversity of shrimps, anemones (nemo), clownfishes and lionfishes can be found here. If the current picks up the chance of seeing bigger fish (sharks/barracuda’s) is there as well.

Gili Air Wall

The wall has an abundant growth of mainly yellow soft corals, with many gaps and nooks in which you can find an enormous selection of small marine animals. A nice dive  where the current will do the work and you just watch while you drift along the wall. During the safety stop you’ll be able to check out Nudibranchs and Turtles


A dramatic landscape with massive pinnacles and canyons covered with an enormous variety of corals make this a unique dive. On this deep divesite you can find Nudibranchs, Scorpionfish, Batfishes, Unicornfishes and Octupuses.